2 Hours of waiting for sunset. Keep in mind it's January in Canada (very cold)

After waiting just a few days, the weather report finally did the thing. The Canadian thing where white stuff falls from the sky and makes everything look cinematic (until it gets all slushy and gross). That was my cue to drive to Toronto, the morning of the next snowstorm. The stay in Toronto was just a day, specifically for some snowstorm street photography. I got there a little earlier than expected and since it was only going to snow late at night, I figured I may as well explore the area and get a nice shot of the city during sunset. The only issue is that I got to my viewpoint 2 hours early. Fortunately I don't remember the cold, nor the pain in my heels. Instead, I'm left with these memories.


The sun has set and the moon has touched the tip of the CN tower, I thought that was it! It was a 40 minute walk back to where I was staying. Naturally, the camera keeps rolling.

Midnight Snowstorm

This is was I drove all morning for. Full camera bag, charged batteries, extra layers of clothes, hockey tape on my camera gear, all I needed now was some snow. I went out from midnight to 1 AM on a nice walk from Dundas square to King street. POV video below!

Here's a POV of this snowy street photo session!