8 weddings in 365 days...

I will always be in this mindset of "just getting started", so the numbers don't really matter. It's an honor when couples reach out to me for the coverage of their special day. It feels great carry the responsability of capturing important moments that will live forever and be passed down to future generations.

The first few weddings have been a great learning experience. However, they haven't been nearly as stressful as most describe wedding photography to be. It may be that I'm already very comfortable behind a camera as it has been 8 years sinceI've been playing around with them.

Here are some tips for phototgraphers that I've picked up doing my first 10 weddings:

  • Digitally organize yourself, have a template for contracts, invoices, quotes, etc.
  • Streamline the backup process so you can easily do it half asleep at 3am when you get home from a long wedding day. (no it can't wait, I gotta backup everything as soon as I get home)
  • Adjust your camera's metadata, this will make it easier in post (time, file names)
  • Always have an extra camera, lens, SD cards & batteries as backup!

"I capture moments the way I would like my photographer to capture them when it's my turn to get married"